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July 11 2021 . CONFINI . Teatro Alighieri . Ravenna Festival

Sunday 11 July 2021
6 pm
Teatro Dante Alighieri – Ravenna
Ravenna Festival


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+ Saturday 10 July, 6.30 pm
Sala Corelli, Teatro Dante Alighieri – Ravenna
Waiting for CONFINI

presentation of the book on the production CONFINI published by Editoria & Spettacolo

Agata Tomšič actress, dramaturg and artistic director of ErosAntEros
Davide Sacco stage director and artistic director of ErosAntEros
Ian De Toffoli Italian-Luxembourg playwright, author of the text of the play
Maria Luisa Caldognetto Centre de Documentation sur les Migrations Humaines – Luxembourg
Marco De Marinis professor of Theatre Disciplines at the University of Bologna
Maximilian La Monica publisher of Editoria & Spettacolo
Franco Masotti artistic director of Ravenna Festival

CONFINI is a performance about the migrations of the past, of the present and of the future, a work on the political, economic and industrial history of the European Union, a warning on the climate emergency and the future of humanity on Earth and in infinite space.
It’s a project started in 2018 and developed in the following two years through numerous residences in Italy and Luxembourg, in which Davide Sacco and Agata Tomšič / ErosAntEros met several collaborators, done researches and formed an artistic partnership with the Italian-Luxembourgish author Ian De Toffoli, entrusting him with the drafting of the text of the show. It’s a work that, due to its international and cross-border nature, has seen its debut postponed by a year due to the pandemic, but which has been able to rework this crisis within its creative process.
On stage performers of different languages and nationalities date back to the origins of European identity, going through a century of industrial revolutions, wars and economic crises. The actors embody the stories of ordinary people, Italians who have left their homeland to go and work in the mining basins of Northern Europe; but they also give voice to the political figures who have marked the milestones in the history of the European Union and to two coryphaeus that guide the spectators within this prismatic tale. A documentary theater, in which the small story of individuals dialogues with the great history, to project itself towards tomorrow and ask questions about today. A performance in which reality and fiction go hand in hand, bringing on stage testimonies of real people but also of humans from the future who have survived planetary catastrophes.

concept, care and set Davide Sacco and Agata Tomšič / ErosAntEros
text Ian De Toffoli
dramaturgy Agata Tomšič
direction, music and video design Davide Sacco
with Hervé Goffings, Sanders Lorena, Marco Lorenzini, Djibril Mbaye, Agata Tomšič, Emanuela Villagrossi
costumes Laura Dondoli
costumes production Daniela De Blasio
lights Andrea Torazza
sound Massimo Calcagno and Nicola Sannino
scene production Ruben Esposito
stage technician Giovanni Coppola
rehearsal assistants Malik Yahia Chérif and Federica Balletto
organization Marina Petrillo
communication Francesca Mambelli, Valentina Mancinelli, Elisabetta Fava, Elisa D’Andrea

production Fondazione Luzzati – Teatro della TosseTNL – Théâtre National du LuxembourgRavenna FestivalErosAntEros – POLIS Teatro Festival
in collaboration with Fondazione Campania dei Festival – Campania Teatro Festival
in residency at Fondazione Teatro della Toscana, OTSE – Officine Theatrikès Salento Ellàda, Teampo Reale
with the support of Municipality of Ravenna and Region Emilia-Romagna
with the patronage of Embassy of Italy in Luxembourg and Embassy of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Italy

thanks to Pietro Valenti, Ruth Heynen, Silvia Pasello, Silvia Lodi, Remo Ceccarelli, Maria Luisa Caldognetto, Eugenio Giorgetta, to the Istituto Universitario Europeo, to the Centro di Microbiorobotica di Pontedera, to “Passaparola” and to all the people interviewed, for having nurtured the path of creation of the showto Giuseppe Bellosi for the advice on the Romagnolo dialect

premiere July 3rd 2021, Napoli, Campania Teatro Festival

duration 140 min

performance in French, Italian, Luxembourgish, German, English with surtitles