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14-24 May 2020 . POLIS Teatro Festival . “What theater for tomorrow?”

POLIS Teatro Festival, the festival of theatre and participation now in its third edition, is not backing down at this time of social distancing and global crisis. On the contrary, it takes advantage of this period of suspension of public activities to deeply rethink its role within society and to call the international theatre community of artists, operators, scholars and spectators, that ErosAntEros company has managed to create around itself during its first decade of activity.

From 14th to 24th May 2020 POLIS returns to animate not only the city of Ravenna, but the entire theatre community, going beyond regional and national borders, organizing an international conference on tomorrow’s theatre, and dedicating its programming to a potentially infinite number of spectators thanks to the use of online platforms.

“What theater for tomorrow?” is the title we decided to give to this new edition and at the same time the question that during the days of the festival we will decline in five other questions on the web channels of ErosAntEros. As in our company work and in the shows that we are used to host at the festival, theatre becomes an instrument of reflection on the present, so, in the impossibility of physically living the theatrical places, the festival turns into a great collective reflection on theatre, able to offer important cues to build the after.

Before the pandemic, the 2020 festival programme should have been dedicated to the theme of human rights and exile, with a dense programme of performances, meetings and participatory projects. For this reason we had chosen as its guiding image a beautiful portrait of Yoko Ono and John Lennon, by the artist-activist Gianluca Costantini. In this delicate situation, in which personal contacts are limited, we believe that this painting is even more able to speak to our present, reminding us of the essentiality of a deeply human gesture such as the hug and the political force that it can unleash.


May 14th. From 6 p.m.
Live streaming presentation of the detailed program of the Conference organized by POLIS 2020, with the artistic direction of the festival and interventions of
Michele De Pascale, Mayor of the city of Ravenna
Elsa Signorino, Councillor for Culture of the Municipality of Ravenna
Mauro Felicori, Councillor for Culture of the Emilia-Romagna Region

May 20th-21th-22th-23th-24th. From 6 p.m.
International conference on the theatre of tomorrow, with artists, operators, critics and scholars of the European theatre scene, in response to questions:
May 20th. Which SPACE for the theater of tomorrow?
May 21st. Which WORDS for the theater of tomorrow?
May 22nd. Which VISIONS for the theater of tomorrow?
May 23rd. Which LANGUAGES for the theater of tomorrow?
May 24th. Which BODIES for the theater of tomorrow?
According to the detailed scheudle of interventions that will be presented on May 14th.

For more information: http://polisteatrofestival.org/.