19th April 2021 . Agata Tomšič on Emersioni – Dialoghi tra attrici by Teatro i

April 19th

at 9 p.m.
Emersioni – Dialoghi tra attrici
con Agata Tomšič e Mariangela Granelli

live on Facebook on Teatro i or ErosAntEros

Emersioni – Dialoghi tra attrici: from February 1 to June 7, 20 actresses for 10 dialogues live on Facebook. To introduce and moderate the meetings, the actress Federica Fracassi.

In each live show, two actresses, one emerging and one with an already consolidated path, will talk about keywords about politics, aesthetics and poetics, and will discuss the knots of contemporaneity, starting from their experiences in the theater. 12 keywords that are the starting point for the discussion, which the couple will explore with freedom: creation, perturbation, conflict, community, enthusiasm, body, mask, boundaries, fear, myth, difference, measure.

Among the emerging ones: Serena Balivo, Chiara Bersani, Leda Kreider, Claudia Marsicano, Giulia Mazzarino, Federica Rosellini, Alice Spisa, Agata Tomsic, Petra Valentini, Matilde Vigna, in dialogue with Sonia Bergamasco, Elena Bucci, Daria Deflorian, Mariangela Granelli, Manuela Mandracchia, Milvia Marigliano, Laura Marinoni, Francesca Mazza, Elisabetta Pozzi, Cinzia Spanò.
The project, in its first edition, also welcomes silent guests who, while not participating in the live shows, will reflect on the themes proposed and emerged from the dialogues and will enrich them, in other forms, with their thoughts; the silent guest of this edition is Ermanna Montanari.April 19th at 9 p.m.: live on Facebook (on Teatro i or ErosAntEros) - dialogue between Agata Tomšič and Mariangela Granelli.