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March 24th-25th 2017 . Flashes of resistance-existence . Milan . Teatro i

Friday March 24th form 2 pm to 8 pm
and Saturday March 25th 2 pm to 6 pm
Teatro i - via Gaudenzio Ferrari 11, Milano

workshop for actors and performers lead by Davide Sacco and Agata Tomsic

A workshop to examine the notion of #revolution, understood in the widest possible sense.
A gimmick to share a physical space and transform it into a place where produce forms and thoughts.
A privileged time where create the montage of an existing that represents us, through the contributions of each participant, the resistant authors dear to ErosAntEros, the dramaturgical and the sound and voice research that distinguishe the work of the company.

Participation fee: 100,00 Euros (inclusive of free admission to the ErosAntEros shows programmed by Teatro i: On the difficulty of telling the truth, Saturday March 25th, Like fireflies, Sunday March 26th or Monday March 27th).

To subscribe, send CV and two personal contributions on the concept of revolution (an image, a song, a music, a text, a video, which is associated with the meaning of this word) to organizzazione@teatroi.org by 14 March 2017 (mail object: “Bagliori di r-esistenza #RIVOLUZIONE”).


The workshop is part of a focus dedicated to the independent projects of ErosAntEros and hosted in the program of Teatro I between March 24th and 27th 2017.