WERED Gianluca Costantini

March 27th 2021 . LIBYA for the online marathon 32.000 SOS dal Mediterraneo . Repubblica

On March 27th, from 6 p.m., live on Repubblica social platforms: 32.000 SOS dal Mediterraneo – #TogetHERforRescue, a 4-hours marathon organized by SOS MEDITERRANEE, Repubblica and Gruppo GEDI to remember the importance of rescue, to tell the journey of women and to talk about a topic that should never be a subject of debate: whoever risks drowning must be saved.

The live marathon will alternate moments of talks on themes such as rescue and the journey of women across the Mediterranean, with moments of performance, music and reading. Participants: Paolo Rumiz, Sandro Veronesi, Alessandra Ziniti, Neri Marcoré, Elio Germano e le Bestierare, Ginevra Di Marco, Ascanio Celestini, Giuseppe Cederna, Sonny Olumati and more.

Gianluca Costantini will participate with a short video of the show LIBYA by ErosAntEros, based on the book written by Francesca Mannocchi and drawn by Gianluca Costantini (Mondadori 2019).


drawings Gianluca Costantini
text Francesca Mannocchi
video animations Majid Bita and Michele Febbraio
voices Rabii Brahim and Agata Tomšič
music Bruno Dorella
directed by Davide Sacco