November 28th 2019 . Presentation POLITAI VISIONARI . Biblioteca Classense . Ravenna

Thursday 28 November 2019
6 pm
Biblioteca Classense, Sala Muratori – via Alfredo Baccarini 3, Ravenna

Theatre and participation: who are the POLITAI VISIONARI?

POLIS 2020 enters the national network L’Italia dei Visionari and launches a new project with which the citizens of Ravenna could choose one of the shows scheduled at the festival in May.

To do this the artistic directors of POLIS Teatro Festival, Davide Sacco and Agata Tomsic / ErosAntEros, organize a round table with some special guests:
- Lorenzo Donati, theater critic and PhD student at the Department of Arts, University of Bologna;
- Luca Ricci and Lucia Franchi, artistic directors of Kilowatt Festival;
- Irma Ridolfini and Paolo Zaccaria, artistic directors of TiPì – Stagione di Teatro Partecipato;
- Andrea Caccìa, social operator of the Villaggio Globale cooperative, already collaborator of POLIS for the project Biglietti sospesi;
- Michele Montanari, independent critic, already Visionario and Polites.

We will talk about participation, audience development and spectator education; who are the Visionari, how this great national network called L’Italia dei Visionari works, and how to become Politai Visionari for choosing one of the shows scheduled at POLIS Theater Festival 2020.

Free entry.