CANCELLED . 29 February . Agata Tomsic . III EASTAP CONFERENCE . Bologna

Teatro Arena del Sole // Emilia Romagna Theatre Foundation
DAMSLab // Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna

In dialogue with the events proposed by the programme of the Festival VIE 2020, the III EASTAP CONFERENCE  - European Association for the Study of theatre and performance intends to reflect on the transversality of composition in theatre, between practices and theories, between past and present.

Speech by Agata Tomšič || PANEL Rethinking the theatre

The Atlantic model as a contemporary compositional paradigm || h 14.30-15.45 at DAMSLab/ Theatre - square P. P. Pasolini 5/b (BO)

In an attempt to outline a compositional model applicable to the many contemporary artistic expressions, the hermeneutical models drawn by Warburg with the Mnemosyne atlas and by Benjamin with the Passagen-Werk – two paradigms of the 20th century imaginal thought that find in the montage technique the symbolic form of postmodernity – are analyzed in order to find an echo in the practices of some companies of the new Italian scene, where elements of continuity with the two scholars emerge and become emblematic to understand the compositional practices of contemporary performing artists.
In most cases it is a “method” to which the artists rely during the conception phase and the composition of the dramaturgies of their works, putting in place a montage of sources belonging to heterogeneous disciplinary fields, which often remains underwritten in the stage writing of which it is a stimulus. In others, it emerges on the surface, especially when these materials are cited or reworked by the media used in the show. Other times, it can stop at the procedural stage, taking the form of pure praxis through which to expand imaginaries.
The result are complex and rhizomatic dramaturgical bodies, often built on the combination of juxtaposed parts through semantic polarities, articulated through a paratactic relationship between the particular and the whole, in which each fragment is only one of the many parts of an articulated and multi-identitary universal, whose main feature is the openness to infinite interpretations. What emerges is a non-drama characterized by a superhistoric time, which prefers the assembly of heterogeneous moments distant in space and time, often leaving to the visual and performative dimensions a preponderant role, and which finds its last instance in the viewer’s gaze.
In this way we define the characteristics of a process that, when applied to the field of research of Mango’s stage writing and Lehmann’s postdramatic theater definitions, sheds new light on their key concepts.

Curators: Claudio Longhi, Daniele Vianello

Scientific Committee: Antonio Araujo, Christopher Balme, Maria João Brilhante, Chloe Déchery, Josette Féral, Clare Finburgh, Gerardo Guccini, Stefan Hulfeld, Lorenzo Mango, Aldo Milohnić, Elena Randi, Anneli Saro, Diana Taylor, Gabriele Vacis, Piermario Vescovo

Organizing Committee: Claudio Longhi – Daniele Vianello – Gerardo Guccini (responsible), Silvia Cassanelli, Valentina Falorni, Licia Ferrari, Viviana Gardi, Stefania Lodi Rizzini, Giulia Maurigh, Rossella Mazzaglia, Debora Pietrobono, Martina Sottana, Angelo Vassalli.