December 9th-10th-11th 2016 . Roberta Carerri in Ravenna with the workshop The dance of intentions

ErosAntEros is happy to announce finally in Ravenna

Workshop by Roberta Carreri
actress and pedagogue of the Odin Teatret since 1974

December 9th – 10th – 11th 2016, from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm
+ December 10th at 4.00 pm projection of Traces in the snow
Fraternità di San Damiano - Via Oberdan, 6, Ravenna

The workshop with Roberta Carreri is divided into two parts:

  • the first part concentrates on the actor’s physical training – on the awakening of the actor’s presence;
  • the second part focuses on vocal work, with exercises that awaken the sonority of the voice and develop the capacity to make vocal actions in space.

The aim of the workshop is to transmit, in a relatively short period of time, the basis of an actor’s training that can help young actors to discover their stage presence through the exploration of a formalised stage behaviour, and to provide the experienced actors with a way to free themselves of their performing automatism and clichés.

The workshop focuses on the perception of the individual actor’s presence in relation to space and to other actors on stage; on how to find ways to be present in the action one is doing and at the same time be ready to react; on how to find the axis of the body, work with the “in-tensions” and achieve a dynamic immobility. The workshop explores different qualities of energy of the gaze and teaches how to identify different points in the body where the leading impulse of a movement in space starts. The participants work with the creation of physical and vocal actions, and how to carry them out with different qualities of energy – for example slow motion. And finally the workshop focuses on vocal training with body resonators and on the relationship between vocal and physical actions.

Each participant is required to learn by heart a text of at least 20 lines and a song before coming to the workshop.

Partecipation fee: 140 Euro (observers 70 Euro).
The activity is reserved for the members of the cultural association ErosAntEros (association fee 2 Euro).

Informations and applications:
+39 340 6592872
+39 347 8549007

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Roberta Carreri is an actor, teacher, writer and organiser. She was born in 1953 in Milan, Italy, where she graduated in Advertising Design and studied Art History at the Milan State University. She joined Odin Teatret in 1974 during the group’s stay in Carpignano, Italy. Roberta Carreri has taken part in ISTA (International School of Theatre Anthropology) since its beginning in 1980, coming into contact with performing techniques from Japan, India, Bali and China. This has influenced her work as an actress and teacher. From 1980 to 1986 she studied with Japanese masters such as Katsuko Azuma (Nihon Buyo dancer), Natsu Nakajima and Kazuo Ohno (Butoh dancers). She gives workshops for actors all over the world and presents, as a work demonstration, her professional autobiography, Traces in the Snow. She organises and leads the annual international workshop Odin Week Festival in Holstebro and abroad. In 2009 she directed Rumor with Cinzia Ciaramicoli for Masakini Theatre Company (Malaysia). In 2014 The Woman Who Spat Out the Apple, with Rosa Antuña – Núcleo de Criaçao Rosa Antuña (Brazil). Her professional experiences are presented in The Actor’s Way, edited by Erik Exe Christoffersen. Roberta Carreri has written her own book Tracce (published in 2007 by Edizioni Il Principe Costante, Milano (in Italian); in 2012 by Editora Perspectiva, Brazil (in Portuguese) and Ed. Artezblai, Spain; and Triskel Artes Escénicas, Chile (in Spanish); in 2013 by El Apuntador Ediciones, Argentina (in Spanish); in 2014 by Routledge, UK/USA (in English), in which she relives the most relevant aspects of her theatre life – her training, pedagogy and her story as an actress of Odin Teatret. Her articles have been published in journals such as New Theatre Quarterly, Teatro e Storia, Máscara, The Open Page, Peripeti and Performance Research.