Agata Tomsic wins the “Istria Nobilissima” 2019 Award for the text of WE WANT EVERYTHING!

Saturday, October 26th, at the Italian Community of Abbazia, the awarding of the “Istria Nobilissima” 52nd Art and Culture Award took place.

Agata Tomsic won the Second Prize of the Theater Category – Raniero Brumini 2019 with the text of WE WANT EVERYTHING!, with the following motivation:

“”It is a form of political theater but at the same time a theater of narration where the stage action is supported by the story of numerous voices that alternate on the scene. There is also an echo of a technique that is influenced by the Brechtian estrangement, with the purpose of placing the viewer in a state of total freedom of judgment, although the political imprint is clearly legible. Finally, to praise the author’s stimulating idea of having the text interpreted by a single actress, thus to rise the written text to another scenic level. ”