CALL Visionari Ravenna 2021


After the success of the first edition, the Visionari project in Ravenna opens to dance!
POLIS Teatro Festival and Ammutinamenti – Festival of urban dance and dance author decide to establish a new collaboration to allow citizens who are passionate about theater and dance to choose one of the performances that will be scheduled at POLIS in May 2021 and one of the creations that will be presented at Ammutinamenti in September 2021. This new course of the Visionari project wants to unite theater and dance spectators, making them protagonists of a new participatory path in the territory of Ravenna.

What is and how does L’Italia dei Visionari work?
Every year a national call for proposals is opened for individual artists and emerging and independent companies that work professionally in contemporary theater, dance and performing art.
In each of the cities of the partners participating in the project a group of active spectators is formed, citizens who are passionate about theater and dance, the Visionari, in charge of examining the videos of the performances received to choose those to be included in the programming of each of the organizations/ theaters/ festivals involved (each group in complete autonomy from the other groups).

How do POLIS Teatro Festival and Ammutinamenti – Festival of Urban Dance and Art Dance participate?
A theater performance to be programmed within POLIS Teatro Festival 2021 and a dance performance to be included in the program of Ammutinamenti Festival 2021, will be chosen by the Visionari of Ravenna, people living in the territuory of Ravenna who are passionate about theatrical languages and dance and who, even if they are not theatre operators, will be able to choose among the many candidate performances those who wish to see in the theaters of their city.

Who are the Visionari?
The Visionari are a group of spectators who are committed to see the work that the various companies have sent in response to the call of the national network L’Italia dei Visionari.
To join the group of the Visionari of Ravenna are not necessary particular skills, but curiosity and passion for theater and dance, as well as the willingness to meet between December 2020 and March 2021 for 3-4 collective meetings through which to choose the shows that will be included in the program of POLIS Teatro Festival in May 2021 and Ammutinamenti – Festival of urban dance and author in September 2021.

How does one become a Visionari*?
To join the group of Visionari send NAME, SURNAME, TELEPHONE, E-MAIL ADDRESS to by December 14, 2020.

First operational meeting:
Monday, December 21, 2020, from 18 to 20
c/o Artificerie Almagià, 2 – Ravenna

The following meetings will take place monthly and will be announced on December 21.
The organization reserves the right to carry out part of the meetings in streaming in case of need.