What is a border, a frontier? What does it represent?
What meaning does it have today and what significance did it have in the past?
How does the individual come into contact with the geographical and political limits with which our societies are organized?

Migration flows are at the center of the international debate, they are the result of the robbery of the territories to guarantee wealth to only one part of the world and the parallel preaching of “holy wars” or “wor of civilization” for the maintenance of the status quo. In this rather delicate situation, the most extreme nationalist movements, which preach closure and violence, take the opportunity to respond in the worst way to the concerns and needs of citizens.

Is it still possible today to imagine a world without borders, without limits, without walls, without supervised passages? Will it still be possible to imagine it tomorrow?
What does it mean today to cross a national or continental border? What changes in being on this side or beyond?

These are some of the issues we want to ask ourselves when we are going through this new project, together with the collaborators, the citizens, the scholars and the spectators we will meet during the creative process.
The goal of BORDERS, in fact, is not only the production of a show, but also the creation of relationships, of meetings between territories and stories, which in different times and ways have confronted and clashed with the concept of border.

The following residency periods are currently fixed:

→ November 25-12 December 2018, OTSE – Officine Theatrikès Salento Ellàda
in collaboration with the actress Silvia Lodi

→ 12-28 January 2019, Théâtre National du Luxembourg
in collaboration with the chief dramaturg Ruth Heynen, the author Ian De Toffoli and the actor Marco Lorenzini

→ 24 June – 7 July, 9 – 22 September and 10 – 17 October 2019, Teatro della Toscana
with the participation of the actress Silvia Pasello and in collaboration with the music research and production center Tempo Reale
public opening at the Teatro Studio in Scandicci 18-19-20 October 2019

picture BLU