La passione e il metodo - Copertina

A contribution by Agata Tomsic in La passione e il metodo . AkropolisLibri . 2019

The book La passione e il metodo: studiare teatro (Passion and Method: Studying Theatre) contains essays by scholars and artists who were students of Prof. De Marinis during his years of teaching at the Department of Arts of the University of Bologna. It also includes a contribution by Agata Tomsic on the aesthetic-political theatre of ErosAntEros, in the meeting with this important figure of the Italian theatre and academic world.

A. Tomsic, Per un nuovo teatro estetico-politico. ErosAntEros nell’incontro con Marco De Marinis, in La passione e il metodo: studiare teatro. 48 allievi per Marco De Marinis, Genova, AkropolisLibri, 2019, pp. 342-351.

Marco De Marinis, one of the leading scholars of contemporary theatre, has inspired more than a generation of intellectuals and artists, in Italy and abroad, with his research, his works and his university courses. His works have contributed to defining new categories of investigation, from the new theatre to theatrical anthropology, from the semiotics of theatre to the dramaturgy of the actor, from the new theatre theory to the theory of performance. The Festschriften collected here range from short testimonies to real essays on the themes dealt with by De Marinis in his vast and articulated scientific production.