Davide Sacco interviewed about the post Covid-19 . “Ravenna in Comune” . 4 June 2020

“Ravenna in Comune”, 4 June 2020

We asked ErosAntEros for a contribution to the post covid-19 reconstruction discussion. The result is an in-depth study that speaks a lot about itself to talk about the world of theatre (but the results could easily be extended to a large part of what is not only scenic art production). In any case, a snapshot that puts deeply in dicussion what was one of our most consolidated slogans of the 2016 election campaign: you can eat with culture. Here, during and post covid-19 with culture you don’t eat or you don’t eat much. So, what does it take to restore vitality to what makes life worth living? What would it take to not fall back into the nightmare? Because, mind you, the nightmare is not “only” discovering oneself positive after a swab… Thanks to Agatha and David for sharing.