The book Confini is soon to be published by Editoria & Spettacolo

Coinciding with the debut of the international co-production CONFINI, a book about the production will be published by Editoria & Spettacolo, which will include the text by Ian De Toffoli, translated by Agata Tomšič, and the contributions by Maria Luisa Caldognetto and Marco De Marinis.

A text about the migrations of the past, the present and the future, a work on the political, economic and industrial history of the European Union, a warning on the climate emergency and the future of humanity on Earth and in infinite space.

A project developed through numerous residences in Italy and Luxembourg, in which the Italian-Luxembourgish author Ian De Toffoli formed an artistic partnership with Davide Sacco and Agata Tomšič / ErosAntEros.

Ian De Toffoli is a writer, scholar, and university professor. He writes plays and essays. He teaches literature at the University of Luxembourg. Since 2021 he is an associate artist of the Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg.

contribution by Maria Luisa Caldognetto and Marco De Marinis

cover photo by Donato Aquaro

publisher Editoria & Spettacolo, Spoleto (PG) series “Percorsi”

pages 182