ErosAntEros back to Odin Teatret . July 26th – August 29th 2015 . Holstebro (DK)

In summer 2015, almost one year after the residency with which ErosAntEros has got close to the masters of Odin Teatret thanks to the project “ErosAntEros meets Odin Teatret” (realized in partnership with the Municipality of Ravenna, between September and October 2014), the company returns to the Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium of Holstebro (DK) to have a second experience close with this historical group of theater artists.

Between July and August ErosAntEros will return at the Odin Teatret with a new international exchange project, which will be developed through an educational project divided into three phases:
1) participation in the seminar The Dance of Intentions of Roberta Carreri, to enhance the actor’s stage presence;
2) the study of the Danish company through the Odin Teatret Archives and the Library of Nordisk Teatrelaboratorium;
3) participation at the Odin Week Festival, a 10-day event which involves all the members and the staff of the Odin Teatret and in which are organized open demonstrations of work, trainings, meetings and shows for 50 students and theater professionals from all over the world.

This proximity will certainly lead to a tangible professional growth, refining the doing, the watching and the imagining theater of the young company from Ravenna.

With the participation of the Municipality of Ravenna and the patronage of the Region Emilia Romagna.