WILD CATS & WILD DOGS: a new international exchange at the Odin Teatret

Two years after the first residency of ErosAntEros at the Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium of Holstebro (Denmark), Davide Sacco and Agata Tomsic receive an invitation from Roberta Carreri they can not refuse: a letter in which the actress-pedagogue invites them to join a small group of actors, selected by her among the pupils with whom she worked in recent years, to participate in “Wild Cats & Wild Dogs,” a biannual residential seminar, where, through her daily training, create a performance which will be presented at  Festuge 2017 - a festival with which the Odin Teatret invades the streets of Holstebro and other towns of Jutland inviting artists from all over the world.

To realize this experience ErosAntEros has devised a new international project, that will not be restricted to the parts in Denmark, but wants also to provide an effect on their city of origin. After this experience the company wants to organize at least one workshop in Ravenna, under the guide of Agata and Davide, and (resources permitting) a seminar by Roberta Carreri.

For more information: full project HERE (only ITA).