POLIS Teatro Festival candidate for the Premio Rete Critica 2019 by “Culture Teatrali”

POLIS is nominated for the Premio Rete Critica by “Culture Teatrali” magazine, in the communication strategies section, “with particular attention to the ability to represent itself in an innovative way also in relation to its own territory of reference, with relations and rooting practices aimed at unhinging the ‘self-referentiality of artistic proposals and communication only within a small circle of enthusiasts “, with the following motivation:

ErosAntEros manages to create apparently impossible projects. It was not taken for granted to give life to a festival in a city like Ravenna already particularly committed on the theater front, bringing artists and new creations to its public. Merit (also) of the initiative and communication skills demonstrated by the Tomsic-Sacco couple, artistic directors of the company and of the festival, which have linked separate strata and social groups. Thanks not only to social networks and the world of the web, but above all by re-editing participatory methods essentially based on human relationships and on the importance they have in doing community.