The RightsQuake project: from the ErosAntEros laboratory for I-Contact to POLIS 2021

RightsQuake is a project born within the laboratory conducted by ErosAntEros for the international students of the I-Contact Master of the University of Bologna, coordinated by Prof. Annalisa Furia, and in collaboration with the Fondazione Flaminia.

ErosAntEros started a dialogue with the students to talk about human rights and how they can be conveyed through art, in particular in relation to the show SCONCERTO PER I DIRITTI and the new international production CONFINI.

The participants will also take part in the POLIS Teatro Festival 2021 program, as spectators of SCONCERTO PER I DIRITTI and as interlocutors at the meeting, which will be held immediately after the show, with ErosAntEros, Gianluca Costantini, Andrea Maestri and Luca Cortesi.

RightsQuake aims to give a voice to groups of people from different backgrounds, especially those that are often not taken into consideration, on human rights issues.

You can also be part of the project: follow RightsQuake on Facebook and Instagram or take the survey on Google form: https://forms.gle/6kSjvK895aQX7MgB9.