TranScend – Synthetic concert for expressive figures

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Transcend: Exceed or rise above a certain limit of reality, of knowledge; TRANS = beyond + SCANDERE = to climb.

Figure: Image; Impression, shape, especially human, drawn, painted or sculpted; FIGURA = Plastic form (FINGO = to form, mold, forge); Vision of a dream; Symbol of the alphabet.

Synthetic: Of sound produced by synthesis; Artificial; Essential, concise; Founded on synthesis (Synthesis: SYN = with, together + THESIS = to put, place; Composition).

Expressive: Serving to express, effectively convey thoughts and ideas (Express: EX = out + PREMERE = to press, push; To push out toward the exit by pressing).

The performance is a concert of sounds and lights; everything is generated live by the performers’ movements, anonymous human bodies rising from a full white fog. The audience sits around a table presided by the two figures. Behind the table a laptop is lightened, and it represents the real director of the performance. The two figures have cheap accelerometer sensors on their arms: in connection with the laptop, they control the whole light and sound system through. A concert of synthetic sounds and lights is generated by their movements, an alphabet composed of religious gestures from five different religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Hebraism, Hinduism and Islam.

concept, direction, dramaturgy, choreography, music design, set, lights, costumes, presences Davide Sacco and Agata Tomsic / ErosAntEros

production ErosAntEros, E production

premiere July 25th 2011, Carlo Zauli Museum, Faenza
duration 15 minutes approx

Photo by Gianluca Sacco © All rights reserved: