Svetlana Višnjić on GAIA, “Pobjeda”, September 11 2023

Our darkest hour
Svetlana Višnjić, “Pobjeda”, September 11 2023

“The end of the world will come amongst the general applause of the wise people who think it’s a joke” – maybe it’s the sentence that best describes all that the Italian piece “Gaia”, performed Saturday night at the KIC “Budo Tomović” as part of the 38th FIAT selection, carries.

The performance, created by Davide Sacco and Agata Tomšič, although focused on climate change, is essentially a story about humans: mutual relationships, (in)consciousness and individualism, as the most pronounced character trait of people in the modern era.

In the play of darkness, with only hints of light, as an accent on all that is disturbing to feel and yet to experience, Agata Tomšič tells the story of the mother of sky and sea, of night and day – of the goddess Gaia who inspired James Lovelock’s theory. From the beginning of what we know, in the form of historical drama, to androids and robots. In addition to the undoubtedly hard facts presented, in the face of the sixth mass extinction, we are unaware that we are largely surrounded by a flame that we have lit ourselves – for this reason, the question of whether this is indeed our darkest hour could not be more central.