asprakounelia (Treno Fantasma)

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A girl… Maybe a doll?
…pulls her guests into a little black house… Her room of games?
Voices…in a black hole…
The invited-voyeurs attend conversations and stories of a brother and sister locked in their house and the raid of a seductive and evil stranger…
or maybe they’re assisting in the nightmares of these siblings?
or maybe finding themselves in front of their own nightmares?
yet, maybe it has to do only with a house of ghosts?
and what if this is all someone else’s nightmare?
…if the audience was catapulted into someone else’s mind?
or maybe it’s a theatre of marionettes who are cleverly manipulated by a perverse puppeteer…
The dark… Ghostly, ethereal, unreal apparitions… Ghostly presences…
Memories… Materialized nightmares… The worst monster of childhood nightmares…
Is it a mask?… What does it hide?

concept, direction, set, lights, music design: Davide Sacco
dramaturgy: Davide Sacco, Agata Tomsic
precious collaboration and introduction to Kounelaki: Cliò Efthimia Agrapidis
voices: Alice Protto, Davide Sacco
presences: Davide Sacco, Agata Tomsic and Elisa Cuciniello
scenery project and realization: Nicola Fagnani
collaboration for costumes and make-up: Laura Dondoli
soul: Luigi de Angelis, Chiara Lagani, Ermanna Montanari
with thanks to: Galleria Ninapì, Teatro delle Albe – Ravenna Teatro
support: Fanny & Alexander
production: Davide Sacco
length: 1 hour approx
premiere: Ravenna viso-in-aria, Ardis Hall, May 21st-22nd-23rd 2010

Photo by Enrico Fedrigoli © All rights reserved:

Photo by Gianluca Sacco © All rights reserved:

Photo by Claudio Oliva © All rights reserved: