Flashes of resistance-existence


A pattern of workshops open to anyone who wants to experience firsthand the compositive modes of ErosAntEros, the type of montage used by the company to delve the topics of its works characteristic for its original dramaturgies.

An excuse to share a physical space and transform it into a place where is possible to produce forms and thoughts.

A privileged time where to create the montage of an existing that represents us, with the contributions of each participant, the authors and the sound and voice research that distinguish the work of ErosAntEros.

An attempt to create a place where it is still possible today to question some issues collectively, the possibility and the need to resist (exist) malgré tout, the search for ways and places to do it.

For more information:, +39 3406592872.
For the project of workshops Flashes of resistance-existence PDF HERE (only ITA).