Odin Teatret

ErosAntEros meets the Odin Teatret

An experience of productive and formative artistic residency


The Odin Teatret could appear quite far from ErosAntEros aesthetic, but since our poetics has always been defined by our constant search for challenges, the desire to meet this company, renown for its strict ethic and aesthetic values, could not but catch us eventually. After seeing one of their plays based on Bertolt Brecht, just when we were approaching Brecht for the first time, we surrendered to their powerful performance.

Through time, an exchange of letters has brought us to the creation a project for an artistic residence at the Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium in Hostelbro, under the supervision of part of The Odin Teatret members. Besides access to the rehearsal’s room, the library and the archive, we’ll have the opportunity to perform our On the difficulty of telling the truth in front of the masters of the Odin Teatret and their audience.

During our stay we will write a blog, a travel journal where we’ll collect materials (notes, photos and videos) reflections and ideas born during our stay. Once back in Ravenna we will share this transformed version of our performance as well as a meeting in which we’ll share about the experience abroad. We will then proceed with this new format in other Italian cities.

Under the patronage of the Municipality of Ravenna and Ravenna in 2019 – Candidate City to European Capital of Culture.

And with the support of: Raffaella SutterSimone PaciniMarco MolduzziBruno FerranteSamuela FuianiMarco CavalcoliMarcella NonniMarta Ragusa who participated in our crowdfunding campaign and Elisa Eusebi who worked on the translations!

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