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To mark the centenary of Russian Revolution, ErosAntEros intones a chant to revive the words and music of those who have lived it, to give back through our sound-voice research the surprise and the joy of the advent of a new time that leaves breathless.
Sun, moon, stars, night, aurora, will be the companions of this journey; red, lacquered-yellow-sun, silky-blue-sky, the palette with which we’ll paint our concert; trying to give through the scene that juncture where the flow of daily time seemed to stop to let the ideal dream become reality, that incredible moment when “our will be at last” has seemed to become “ours is at last,” and a new concept of State has been imagined, which “just adolescent: creates, invents, try!”.
But fatigue, hunger and cold accompanied the struggle for freedom and history teaches us that the initial dream was soon betrayed. And so, the unrelenting optimism emerging from the words even in the hardest moments is juxtaposed with Šostakovič’s Quartet no. 8, dedicated to the victims of totalitarianism and war, and perhaps to himself.
The show consists of three main elements: the words of the poets incarnated by Agata Tomsic; the music performed by the Quartetto Noûs and reworked by Davide Sacco; the video projection of Gianluca Sacco’s animations. Three different languages that dialogue with each other to narrate the utopia that seemed to be able to overturn the world, in Benjamin’s hope that its quote creates a new possibility to imagine a more “just, clean, happy, beautiful life” today.

concept and set Davide Sacco and Agata Tomsic / ErosAntEros
dramaturgical montage Agata Tomsic
literary consulting Fausto Malcovati
music montage, live electronics, lights and direction Davide Sacco
with Agata Tomsic and with Quartetto Noûs (Tiziano Baviera, Alberto Franchin violins,
Sara Dambruoso viola, Tommaso Tesini cello)
animations Gianluca Sacco
costumes Laura Dondoli
technical direction Paolo Baldini

textual materials Aleksandr Blok, Velimir Chlebnikov, Sergej Esenin, Michail Geršenzon, Vladimir
Majakovskij, Boris Pasternak
musical materials Dmitrij Šostakovič, String Quartet no. 8 in C minor, op. 110; Grigorij Mačtet, Exhausted by the hardships of prison; Pierre de Geyter, The Internationale
visual materials Dmitrij Bisti, El Lissitzky, Aleksandr Rodčenko

commission of Ravenna Festival
in coproduction with ErosAntEros
in collaboration with La Corte Ospitale and with Ravenna Teatro

debut June 28th 2017, Teatro Dante Alighieri, Ravenna, Ravenna Festival 2017
duration 80 minutes

Browse here the PRESENTATION of the show.

Ravenna Festival

1917 CORE Photo by Dario Bonazza [Ravenna, Chiostro Grande Biblioteca Classense, May 2018] © All rights reserved:

1917 Photo by Zani-Casadio [Ravenna, Teatro Alighieri, June 2017] © All rights reserved:

1917 Photo by Luca Concas [Ravenna, Teatro Alighieri, June 2017] © All rights reserved:

1917 Photo by Gianluca Sacco [Rubiera (RE), Teatro Herberia, May 2017 ] © All rights reserved: