Like fireflies

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Continuous cuts to education and culture sectors can’t be accepted as solutions to face an economical crisis, yet it is currently happening all over the world. The common opinion about art is that it is a mere leisure activity, a worthless hobby, that even in its best scenarios can only be seen as an intellectual fiddle for a certain elite. Unfortunately we often forget the major role that art plays when it comes to emancipating the human mind, in developing an alternative thinking instead of adopting the one imposed by political power. We forget that imagination is an essential skill to the human being, skill not to be confused with the more commonly intended day dreaming, but as political act, necessary to regenerate society, in every evolution or revolution it may incur to.

“It is our responsibility not to let fireflies disappear. In doing so, we must ourselves assume the freedom of movement, a withdrawal which is not a retreat, a diagonal strength, the faculty to show shreds of humanity, an inflexible desire. We must therefore, standing back from reign and glory, in the open breach between past and future, become fireflies ourselves and thus renew a community of desire, a community of emitted glimmers, of dances in spite of all, of the transfer of thoughts. Saying yes in the night crossed with glimmers and not to settle for the description of no in the blaring light.”
Georges Didi-Huberman

concept and set design Davide Sacco and Agata Tomsic / ErosAntEros
direction, music and light design Davide Sacco
dramaturgy and script Agata Tomsic
with Greta Mini, Massimiliano Rassu, Davide Sacco, Agata Tomsic
costumes Laura Dondoli and Agata Tomsic

production ErosAntEros
with the contribution of Comune di Ravenna – Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2015
in residency at Residenza IDRA - Brescia; Trasparenze - Modena; Teatro Akropolis - Genova; E, Teatro Onnivoro, Ravenna Teatro - Ravenna

the show is nourished by the thought and words of Antonin Artaud, Julian Beck, Leo de Berardinis, Albert Camus, Georges Didi-Huberman, Tonino Guerra, David Lynch, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Luigi Pirandello, Andrei Tarkovsky

premiere Palazzo Rasponi Open Space, Ravenna, december 11 2015
duration 50 minutes

Project winner of Trasparenze 2013 Residencies Call

Project winner Genius Loci 2015 Residencies Call

Text winner of the First Prize “Raniero Brumini” – category Theater – in the Competition of Art and Clture “Istria Nobilissima” 2016

Ravenna Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2015

DEBUT (December 2015)

Photo by Dario Bonazza [Ravenna, Palazzo Rasponi Open Space, December 2015 ] © All rights reserved:

1st STUDY (Genuary 2014)

Photo by Gianluca Sacco [Ravenna, Ardis Hall, May 2013 ] © All rights reserved:

Photo by Chiara Ferrin [Teatro dei Segni, Trasparenze, Teatro dei Venti, Modena,  January 25th 2014] © All rights reserved: