Jelena Kontić on GAIA, “Vijesti”, September 11 2023

A warning before the final catastrophe
Jelena Kontić, “Vijesti”, September 11 2023

Three stages, eras of life on Earth: cosmogony, anthropocene and post-apocalypse, are shown by the Italian play “Gaia”, which deals with ecological problems and the way of life of modern man.

The play “Gaia” performed on the second night of the International Alternative Theater Festival FIAT 2023 warns of an unprecedented ecological crisis and danger to the Earth and humanity.

This is the darkest hour. Humanity is in an unprecedented crisis. The sixth mass extinction is underway… We are headed for disaster. Every year a new record. Money cannot be eaten. We run, we run, but where are we going? What do we leave to our children? New weapons of destruction? Every year a new record! Governments – they don’t understand, they have to listen, they have to change, they have to stop lying… We have to wake up…

These are just some of the strong messages with which the play tries to shake the sleepy masses, and based on the reactions of the audience at the “Budo Tomović” Cultural and Information Center, one would say that it succeeds, as the co-creator of the play noticed. Agata Tomšić, actress, playwright, and co-director of the play “Gaia”, who gave voice to Gaia – the Earth, as an organism – on stage.

“I am very pleased with how the audience reacted, I felt as if they were an active participant in our piece. In one segment, they provided us with a rhythm with applause, as well as later towards the end”, said Tomšić after the performance. […]